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  • Nov212019

    Who are you listening to?

    People need to be careful who they are taking advice from! If someone is selling / promoting supplements, meal replacement…

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  • Oct292019

    Game Changers Not Playing Fair…

    So I’m sure a lot of people have now seen Game Changers on @netflix. There has been a lot of…

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  • Sep162019

    Can I train while Pregnant?

    This question that has come up a several times in the last few weeks. Which means people have clearly been…

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  • Jul112019

    Focus on what you can control!

    People who begin their fitness journey usually have a physical goal they want to achieve. It’s usually something like “I…

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  • May222019

    Physical Fitness and Protection Against Lung and Bowel Cancer.

    A recent study of a large and diverse group of people supports the idea that being physically fit can help…

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  • Apr302019

    Progress is Progress…

    So far too often I hear people being negative about not making the progress they want. Or complaining the scales…

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  • Mar262019

    Lower body training and progressions..

    It is important to understand the optimum starting point in regards to lower body training. Without progression, movement pattern will…

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  • Mar092019

    Here are some tips to utilise when travelling for work or a break away.

    I’m working away this week in Bahrain 🇧🇭 with one of my athletes. It is tough keeping keeping on track…

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