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31st July 2018 James Burroughs

We all have busy schedules and not enough hours in the day.  However there are certain points in everyone’s day which cause us to stray off track in terms of our health and preventing fat loss.🤦🏼‍♀️

When it comes to nutrition a lot of the extra calories come from what people are snacking on.  By all means a snack is good however all depends on the calorie content.😉

✅ – You cannot beat strawberries this time of year. They taste great and are low calorie.  Perfect after dinner option when craving some sugar👍🏻

✅ – Those that like something sweet during the day these are awesome. A lot of people just go for an expensive protein bar however some of which have just as much calories as a normal chocolate bar.  These bad boys are 65 calories with 4g of fibre and cost half the price of a protein bar.👊🏻

✅ – These are my absolute favourite.  I use these myself when Im craving something sweet.  I also use these with a lot of my online clients.  As these are sugar free they are almost 0 calories per tub.  You can even add Total Yogurt to create your the ultimate high protein desert.

✅ – Halo are pretty special if you haven’t tried them yet then I definitely recommend.  Only 360 calories for the entire tub and taste bloody lovely.😋

✅ – Nothing wrong with snacking on pop corn. People tend to think just because they are a cinema snack they are bad. However these are minimal calories, the only issue is the size of the bag.😏

✅ – Not many people like broccoli.  However green veg should be in every meal.  Broccoli fills you up and is minimal calories.🥦

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