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4 Key mistakes people make when trying to develop muscle mass

4 Key mistakes people make when trying to develop muscle mass
24th October 2017 James Burroughs


The process of gaining muscle mass isn’t as simple as people first assume. There are some key things that need to be implemented to gain lean muscle mass. So here are some common mistakes I have seen in the past which has slowed development:

1. People are only using a limited amount of exercises

To grow a muscle, you need to expose it to as many variables as possible, one of those is exercise selection. When I ask some clients what exercises they use to develop their back, they just tell me that they mainly deadlift. If you really want to grow and develop you need to train your muscles from as many angles as possible.

2.  You’re not consuming enough calories

If someone is training 4 – 5 times per week you need to be consuming enough calories to develop.  If you’re nowhere near the calorie requirements you need to gain mass, you cannot expect to see the results. You need to adjust your calories up and down, depending what you see with your body fat results.

3. You’re not getting enough rest

The optimal sleep when training is at least 7 – 8 hours per night. Lack of sleep causes your cortisol levels to increase (the stress hormone) and high levels of the stress can lower your testosterone. As you know, we need testosterone to grow. A common thing that has occured with some previous clients is this will be adhered to throughout the week but when it comes to the weekend this starts to become inconsistent. Which leads to regression.

4.  You’re are not consuming enough protein

You must be consuming enough quality protein daily to build lean muscle mass. There is still much controversy out there about the quantity you should eat each day, but I work always work on 1 – 1.3 grams per pound of lean body weight for muscle gain.

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