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5 Foundation Steps of Fat Loss

5 Foundation Steps of Fat Loss
3rd December 2017 James Burroughs

We work with a variety of clients all with their own goals and schedules. However, an element that is always key is fat loss.  At Body Clinic our passion is fat loss and getting people to where they want to be and improving their body. So here are the five foundation steps we use for fat loss:

Weight Training:  Introduce weight training to your exercise routine. Do not be afraid to start lifting.  It will not make you big and bulky ladies so do not panic.  It will however dramatically help you change your body shape and increase muscle mass.  This in turn reduces body fat and increases your metabolism. Furthermore, weight training is also an anti-ageing exercise.  Research shows that weight training consistently helps reduce the onset of ageing.

Training Environment:  If you have goals to achieve and a time frame to work towards then you need to be in an environment which helps you reach these goals.  If you are in an environment with limited equipment it will limit your training. If you are in an environment that has all you need and yet is difficult to utilize all the equipment because of it being busy, this can also result in a negative impact on training as it can disrupt your program and even cut it short.  Have a think about your training environment and ensure it is positive rather than negative.  A friendly none intimidating environment which helps you achieve and exceed your goals is always best.

Eat according to your energy expenditure:  This is a simple one yet a lot of people tend to ignore it.  If you are training hard and burning a lot of calories you need to have sufficient fuel in the body.  If you are increasing your expenditure and eating minimally to lose weight as quickly as possible, this simply causes you to feel drained and tired and will have a negative impact on your training.  The ideal approach is to be in a controlled and calculated calorie deficit, which includes a good nutritional intake throughout each day. Furthermore if you are having a rest day then you need to reduce your calories accordingly.  This will help you to maintain losing body fat consistently.

Choosing the right environment and lifestyle:  During your fat loss it is important to remain consistent with your training and your nutrition.  Time and time again we have clients making serious progress however they go out with some friends who are not on the same journey.  They eat and drink a lot more than usual which dramatically affects their progress.  Obviously, it is important to enjoy life and socialise however you need to be disciplined during fat loss.  One option would be to eat at home and meet friends later for drinks, or if you are eating out ensure you stick to nutritious foods.  Most restaurants do cater for this and generally offer lighter options.

Counting your steps:  Counting your steps could not be easier now as most people have either an iPhone, Fitbit or an Apple Watch, so you can easily track and record your steps and also your intake.  The first goal we give our clients is to record 3000 steps a week.  This means giving allocated time during the week to go for a walk or jog to ensure you are hitting your 3000 steps.  This combined with a strong exercise program the results can be awesome.

We hope you found these five steps useful.  If you have any questions or would like to speak me or any of my team of trainers for a free consultation please get in touch.