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Change it up…

Change it up…
24th October 2017 James Burroughs

Many people who come in to see me at Body Clinic are simple stuck in the same routine; they follow one type of training and one style of eating week by week. But, being stuck in the same routine and not trying other ways of training and eating could be massively limiting to your results and progress.

Some people like to stick to protein and fats, others tend to go for protein and carbs, and others go for a mix of all three. People tend to get in a routine of convenience rather than experimentation of trying different things to get the most of out your training and nutrition.

If you have never experimented with different ways of eating and training you won’t really know how you respond. You may have more energy and be able to train harder eating more carbs, you may even get leaner. Some of my clients who swear by their daily carb intake, could do better switching to a higher fat based diet.

When did you last experiment with the way that you eat or train? Ask yourself if you could get better results by just trying an alternative method.

When I work with different clients I get a solid understanding of their current training and nutrition schedule and read their body and see how it responds to certain methods. Every client is different and I do not have one way that every client trains and eats, it depends on so many factors.

So, do not be afraid to change up your training programme and weekly nutritional intake. If you have any questions on how to make your training and nutrition more effective just drop me an email:

Have a great day


James Burroughs

Athlete & Physique Coach