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Dieting vs Eating Clean

Dieting vs Eating Clean
1st February 2018 James Burroughs

Nutrition is an extremely popular subject and there is a lot of information almost everywhere you look, some good and some terribly bad. No matter how many hours you put in at the gym, the fact is you’re not going to bring out your muscles and definition unless you have the right fuel.

A common statement we come across at Body Clinic in the first consultation is as follows: ‘I train hard in the gym, I do cardio whenever and wherever I can and always stretch to improve my flexibility. However, I am just not seeing the results I’d like.’  The truth is all your hard work building your dream body will go to waste if you have poor eating habits.

Nutrition can be defined as the process of providing your body with the food and liquids necessary for health and growth. Unlike dieting, which
is often associated with restricting calories, short term weight loss and miserable hunger, nutrition is a long-term solution to reducing your body fat while remaining healthy and strong.

When it comes to achieving your ideal figure, it is tempting to think that the solution is to go on a diet. Whether it is clean 9 that your colleague from working is issuing or a wellness coach that is selling replacement meal shakes with no nutritional value what so ever, it is important to realise as much as people inform you that its possible to lose weight without exercising and taking these range of products, it is not a long-term fix.

It is essential to take advice from someone that has a qualification and experience in these particular subjects with proven results of their methods.  What all these diets and quick fix programs have in common is they all involve very strict restrictions on what you can eat, as well as a huge cut in calories. While you will lose weight with these diets, the weight you lose will be made up of both fat and muscle, and you’re likely to experience a number of issues, such as:

– Mood swings

– Extreme hunger

– Disrupted sleep

– Low energy

– Reduce strength and stamina when training.

Rather than going on a diet, make it your mission to eat clean instead. Eating clean means following a nutrition plan which is healthy and filling, allowing you to reduce fat and enrich your body with essential vitamins and minerals at the same time. Whereas dieting involves removing certain foods entirely, eating clean is about replacing sugary, fatty, high glycemic foods with something far more nourishing.

Eating clean is also simple to follow and easy to maintain in the long term. Dieting can be expensive, complicated, particularly when you have to read food labels and spend time calculating points or calories but eating clean means you only have to count your calories once and then you can eat simple yet nutritious meals every day.

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James Burroughs – Director / Athlete & Physique Coach