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Eating Out Out

Eating Out Out
3rd December 2017 James Burroughs

Who doesn’t enjoy a meal out with friends or relatives.  I enjoy eating out and trying different restaurants and a variety of different foods. However we all have that friend that always likes to go big when you eat out, always asks to share a big starter and always moans if you’re not getting a dessert.

Enjoying good food and continuing to lose weight is certainly possible, it just comes with a little though and simple structure:

Meal out, not meal in

If you are having a night off make sure you have an enjoyable night off.  Find a nice restaurant or visit than that has been recommended recently and venture out.  Having a sit down meal and having an actual conversation with someone is far more relaxing and enjoyable than getting a take away sitting on the sofa and saying minimal as you are either watching tv or sitting on your phone. Not only that going for a meal controls your plate portions and reducing the chances or you over eating.

Plan your evening

If you know you are going out, think about where you would like to go and discuss it with the person you are going out with and get a table booked. Rather than trying to decide on the evening and end up either not being able to eat where you want or if so having to eat late due to not having a table.

Enjoy your food

This is the time you should take you time and enjoy your food. Appreciate the different flavors and the fact you aren’t eating out of tupperware.  Do not rush your food as we know taking your time reduces the chances of you overeating.  Portion control is essential for dieting, however a meal off plan will not effect your overall goal.

Know your limits

If there is a certain restaurant that you know causes you to over indulge or they do a specific meal you are really like

Hope you have found this article useful.  If you have any questions regarding this topic please feel free to drop me an email.


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