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Females to achieve a better body shape

Females to achieve a better body shape
3rd December 2017 James Burroughs

Females to achieve a better body shape.

  1. You must focus a specific part of your workouts at getting stronger.  The goal for you isn’t to become super strong, however you should be progressing the loads that you are using.
  1. You cannot start with low calorie.
    This simply gives you with nowhere to go. More training and low calorie diets will ruin your shape.
  1. Muscle retention is a key goal to achieving better body shape.
    This means a 60 / 40 split with training with weights.  60 being you’re resistance training.
  1. Cardio will often have to be used to get you lean.
    There aren’t many women who won’t require some level of cardio to help them take their conditioning to the next level.
  1. Don’t be obsessed with your body weight (use visuals or measurements too).  Weight is not a key indicator of your body shape changing. In the early stages of training weight can stay very level however fat will be dropping off and you’re building lean muscle tissue.
  1. There will always be a limit on the amount of calories you can handle.  You will need to push calories up in the early days to support a healthy metabolism. However this will come to a limit. Don’t keep pushing at the expense of regaining body fat.
  1. Going low calorie to get leaner for a short period of time isn’t a massive issue.  Providing you have come down from a good starting place. It is important that you slowly build calories back up afterwards.
  1. For females the use of supplements become essential when you’re dieting down.  When your calories are lower, nutrients are in less supply. Using B vitamins, multi vitamin and pro biotics are massively beneficial.
  1. Plan to finish some of your workouts with metabolic training.  Especially when you’re not in a dieting phase, keeping some form of metabolic training helps to keep your body composition in check. Adding low rest strength training or intervals works well around 2 – 3 sessions per week.
  1. To look awesome you need to be healthy.
    If your digestion is poor, sleep is poor, stress is high, these are all key indicators that you might not be ready to change your body shape. Don’t start a diet if red flags are waving at you.
  1. Females can recover from workouts a lot faster.
    Therefore training muscles more frequently is key. Hamstrings, shoulders and glutes should be trained up to 3 times per week.

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James Burroughs

Athlete & Physique Coach