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How ‘Healthy’ is your protein shake? 🤔

How ‘Healthy’ is your protein shake? 🤔
5th March 2019 James Burroughs

Recently I started working with a new client and on their personal food diary they had written protein shake.  Now a protein shake can be one of many things so I needed to find out exactly what this shake consisted of.  I soon discovered how many extra calories were being consumed each day just from adding extras to a protein shake.🍯🥛🥜

It is important to understand calories and where you could be adding unnecessary each day.  Now the shake may not taste quite as nice however if you are looking to drop some body fat a calorie deficit is essential.🙌🏻

Just because you are having a protein shake does not automatically mean its a healthy fat loss recovery drink. What is in your blender is key! You need to be aware that liquid calories are fair easier to ingest than solid foods.🍗🥑

If fat loss is not your goal and you are looking to gain weight and build muscle, then the left protein shake is ideal.  However if you are looking to drop some body fat you need to monitor your calories so stick to the protein shake on the right.😉✅

Some people assume protein powder is an awesome healthy and the thing to make progress, when it is simply a convenient source of protein. Some protein powders have high levels of sugar and sweeteners in so again unnecessary calories.  I personal prefer to get my protein and calories from actual food as I much prefer eating.😋

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James Burroughs


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