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I want to lose weight!! FAST!!

I want to lose weight!! FAST!!
4th September 2018 James Burroughs

🔥I want to lose weight as fast as possible!!!🔥

What we hear many times at Body Clinic:

I am going on holiday and 5 weeks and really keen on dropping 2 stone before I go.❌

I have a friends wedding in 4 weeks and looking to lose weight and tone up.❌

What do you think it the quickest time I can drop a stone.❌

These statements are always coming in and yes it is great that people are making the step to change their lifestyle and back into some fitness.  But the sad reality is that weight lose takes time.  You need to invest your time and money into reaching your goals.  This doesn’t have to be a large amount of time or money however both are essential.  For example a gym membership so you can regularly have somewhere to train with the right equipment to make progress, or even doing classes or working with a coach.🏋🏻‍♀️

People spend money on numerous things each month and each week.  Whether its a nice meal, drinks out with friends, weekends away and other luxuries we all enjoy.  But when it comes to investing in your health and future it doesn’t seem essential.  This is more likely you can commit to this just isn’t a priority for you.  People always make powerful progress when they do make their health and their goals a priority.🥂🍻🍜

We also have the ever increasing issue of these ridiculous diet methods that have no real logic.  People invest a lot of money on the latest fast weight loss fads. Meal replacement shakes, detox teas the list goes on.  Stick to an actual training program and nutritious food.🙌🏻

So the most important way to start your journey is just to begin and focus on becoming healthy.  It doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to begin.😉✅

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Have a great week.


James Burroughs

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