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2nd March 2018 James Burroughs

I work with a range of different people from elite level athletes to those looking to change their physique. With any new client we always take the time to have a consultation to discover their ultimate goal and what they are looking to achieve.  Also, the very important question of when they are looking to achieve these goals by.  As we all know reducing body fat and changing body shape can take time and commitment, it all comes down to how much of a priority it is for that individual.

Whether you are training for something specific or looking at getting in shape for a lot of people this is something that they hope will happen as a result of going to the gym and eating healthily.  There are others who know that to achieve the body they want, they will have to make sacrifices, and they’re going to have to make it a priority in their life.

To discover if getting in serious shape has been a priority have a think about the amount of times you’ve tried to get in shape. I can guarantee that a lot of people have tried to fit it in, and all too often they lose focus and quit before they have seen any kind of real results. This means it is not a priority…

When I talk about getting in shape, I do not mean dropping a few kg before you go on holiday.  I’m talking about the people who say they really want to change their body. Sometimes people want a body to be proud of, but they’re just not prepared to place it at the top of their priority list.

The 5 top priorities usually are:

  • Family (including children)
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Hobbies and pastimes
  • Friends (social life).

These are always going to take precedence over anything else, that’s unless you make a change.  A good example of this is that you organise to the train at the gym after work, your good friend calls to invite you out for a meal. As training at the gym is not one of your top 5 priorities, you simply ask the address of the restaurant and the time to be there.

Now if you made some changes, if you had getting in shape as either the top or second priority in your life, I can guarantee you’ll get to the gym.  A good example of this is when we have a bride to be come in to see us for a consultation.  They know their goals, they know when they need to be achieved and they commit. We make some of the most progress with females preparing for their big day as it is such a high priority.

You have to arrange your priority list, you have to know the order, and you will find sticking to your goal so much easier. If children are always number one, then of course you will think of them first. But training can be second on the list, and you will fit it in when you’ve done with your children. On the other hand, again, placing social life before the gym, will always mean that the coffee morning or drink at the pub, will take priority.

Now you might think this is a little serious, however nearly every successful athlete and client that I have coached, placed getting in shape as a major priority in their life. It may only be for a short term whilst they get to where they want to be and have a body they are proud of.  Their goal was high on their priority list.

The priority list is something I always discuss with my clients when I sit down with them for their consultation.  If we need to move things around, we do. After all, my clients want to be successful, they’ve invested in me to achieve results.

Haven’t assessed your priority list? Take a few minutes to do so, if you can’t place training and getting in shape in the top 3 you will struggle to ever see the results you’re hoping for.

If you have any questions regarding this topic feel free to drop me an email.

Have an awesome week.


James Burroughs – Athlete & Physique Coach 

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