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Looking to improve your chest?

Looking to improve your chest?
24th October 2017 James Burroughs

Looking to improve your chest? Here’s a few ways to help with development.

Functionally having strong pecs assist you with performing everyday activities, lowering the risk of shoulder injuries, and provide that extra edge in sports and in the gym.

Perfect your technique and form and identify the best rep range for your objective. 

When benching, you want to squeeze two things: the bar handle and your pec muscles. On the concentric, or lifting, portion of your reps, think about contracting your pecs. Squeezing increases the pump and the work involved, as well as the density of the muscle. It will not be easy but it will massively help with definition.

Lifting with perfect form is always the most effective. If the intended muscle fibers aren’t recruited correctly, other muscle groups may dominate the exercise, which adds unnecessary stress to muscle groups that aren’t designed to bear heavy loads. It is common for people to rush reps and start to include their shoulders during this movement. This results in injury which puts people even further behind.

Executing perfect form while performing reps at a slower tempo, and focusing on using your chest throughout the movement will maximise the intensity and effectiveness of the workout, as well as minimising injury risk.

You need to push yourself in order to see development. If you do not push it hard enough, it won’t grow. While proper form still rules the day, muscle growth requires progressively increased stimuli. This increase leads to breaking down the muscle fibers and rebuilding stronger and bigger ones.

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