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  • Jun052018

    Want to cut the bank holiday weight gain?

    How was your bank holiday? Hope you managed to have some time off and catch up with friends and family.🍻🍷…

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  • May222018

    Coeliac Disease – Do you suffer from it?

    Coeliac disease is something I come across a great deal with my clients.  It is also something I suffer from…

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  • May142018

    What should you expect from a trainer?

    It’s that time of year where many people start to consider their fitness and get in shape for summer. Some people choose to do…

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  • May112018

    What is toning and how is it achieved?

    Toning is a word that gets used a lot in fitness and gym industry, but what does it actually mean…

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  • May082018

    Arched Bench Press – Should you do it?

    Arched Bench Press. Should you do it ?🤷🏻‍♂🤯 This is a tricky one to answer and is more based on…

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  • May022018

    Will lifting weights make a female bulky?

    Will lifting weight make a female bulky🤷🏼‍♀ No 🙅🏼‍♀ Gaining muscle mass depends upon a mixture of genetics, gender, nutritional…

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  • Apr262018

    Should children lift weights? Is it safe?

    Should children lift weights? Is it safe? Short answer : YES, if you know what you’re doing 🤓 I work…

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  • Apr252018

    What is in Ryan’s basket…

    Check out Ryan Taylors latest food shop and why these are in his basket: 1: Almond milk🥛 About 6-8 weeks…

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