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Progress is Progress…

Progress is Progress…
30th April 2019 James Burroughs

So far too often I hear people being negative about not making the progress they want. Or complaining the scales aren’t moving as quickly as the would like. Progress can be see in many ways and a lot of it can be missed. First you need to be positive about your results and the progress you are making, even if the process is minimal its still progress. ✅

1️⃣ Becoming stronger in the gym – Now if you started your journey lifting light weights and now you have progressed your lifts across the board, that is great.  The more weight you lift, the more calories you burn and the stronger you become.

2️⃣ Feeling more confident – Being more confident in yourself and your training is priceless as you are comfortable in the gym and getting each session complete.  As well as being more comfortable in the mirror.

3️⃣ Maintaining a new low weight – Dropping weight and keeping the weight off is a goal in itself and shows you are remaining consistent.

4️⃣ Having more energy – Not just in the gym but having more energy each day at work and being more productive. 

5️⃣ Losing inches at the same weight – Losing inches is a massive positive as the body is starting to change.  Even if body weight remains the same you can still monitor progress with reduced body measurements. 

6️⃣ Daily activity becoming easier – I am sure when you first began your journey getting a training session in after work would be a struggle and by the end of the week you were absolutely shattered.  Being able to maintain a good work week and all training sessions complete is awesome progress.

7️⃣ Subtle changes in the mirror – Change is still change no matter how small, when you can see your body shape changing for the better is a massive positive and a great way of monitoring your progress.

So please stop being so hard on yourself, everyone is different and its no different with progress.  Just remain consistent and enjoy the process.

Have a great week. 


James Burroughs – Director