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Sleep is essential

Sleep is essential
3rd December 2017 James Burroughs

Why is sleep so important? How do you function on minimal sleep? Personally, I struggle without a decent night’s sleep, if you asked any of the team I work with, they would certainly agree. If effects my mood, stress levels, training and my appetite.

Whenever I start working with a new client I always give them one of our client questionnaires which evaluates all aspects of health including sleep patterns. It is essential for someone to be healthy and getting enough rest for the body to be able to change.

The fact is, sleeping badly can have a direct effect on progress during fat loss. As we all know having a lack of sleep results in less energy throughout the day. This can cause a number of chain reactions:

  • Get up late to get as much sleep as possible, skipping breakfast and heading straight to work.
  • Eat more during the day to give you a bit more energy as you are feeling drained.
  • Eat quick, easy processed food as you haven’t had time to prepare your lunch.
  • Bang two or more coffees than usual to give you a bit more caffeine to get through the day.
  • Skip training that day because you feel tired and just head home to chill and catch up on some sleep.

Any of these sound familiar? The facts are that a lack of sleep cause your body not to get the rest it requires. Your muscles do not recover which also affects your next training session. It also causes you to crave food, feel more hunger and result in you cheating on your diet.

This is all a chain reaction from one night of bad sleep.  If this occurs twice, three times a week the compound effect over a month will dramatically effect progress.

A lack of sleep can cause you to over indulge, especially when you’re busy or stressed and it is often the first thing to go to at times. Research shows sleep isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity and the brain will rebel if it doesn’t have enough.

So getting your head down is just as important as walking in to the gym. Sleep is vital if you are working towards a goal. You need to ensure all the variables are working in your favour rather than against you.

Give some thought to your own sleep patterns and see if you can develop this simple aspect of your life.  Give the body the rest it requires for you to perform effectively.

Have an awesome weekend.

James Burroughs – Physique Coach