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Stress does impact your health…

Stress does impact your health…
9th April 2018 James Burroughs


Stress is something I come across a great deal with many of my clients. Stress is often the root of many problems, whether people recognise this or not. I often hear ‘I am under too much pressure at work’ or ‘I try my best not to get stressed out but it’s hard with everything I have going on’.

Stress comes in many forms and everyone responds to stress differently. However, everyone is fully aware what causes them stress and how it makes them feel.  In today’s world stress can manifest itself in many ways – emotion, illness, pollution, noise, exercise and poor sleep patterns.

Stress can impact your health and cause you to store body fat and even break down muscle tissue. The more stress your body is under, the more stress hormones it will produce. When your body is over-burdened from making stress hormones, it is not able to produce adequate levels of repair hormones to keep your body healthy.

As there are so many contributing factors to stress. Here are my top tips on managing it:

  1. Exercise more regularly. Regular exercise can be a major tool to reduce stress. It also gives you a chance to break away from external stress and gives you some all-important time to yourself.


  1. Spend more quality time with your family and friends.


  1. Be in control of your day. Set out your day as a list of priorities. Focus on the most important areas first.


  1. Ensure you have a healthy and nutritious diet that contains plenty of healthy fats, low glycemic carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables.


  1. Stay hydrated. Dehydration is a common cause of internal stress. A reduction of as little as 1% of water content in your central nervous system can cause significant psychological disorders.


  1. Focus on the positive areas in your life. Think about everything you have to be grateful for. Such as family, friends and what you have already achieved in life.


  1. Focus on what matters most to you. What motivates you and inspires you.

Now with these in mind just have a think about your week ahead and if it looks to be practically stressful.  Start by applying a few of these principles to your day and reduce unnecessary stress.

Have an awesome week.


James Burroughs
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