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Want to cut the bank holiday weight gain?

Want to cut the bank holiday weight gain?
5th June 2018 James Burroughs

How was your bank holiday? Hope you managed to have some time off and catch up with friends and family.🍻🍷 πŸ”

It is very common for people to over indulge slightly at the weekend and especially a bank holiday.🌞

First off DO NOT stress and try to do it all tomorrow.❌

From working with many clients over my 10 years in the industry it is clear that people tend to lose focus at the weekend. People stray off track with training and nutrition, it’s how you tackle the next week.

Here are my top four tips on how to tackle this week:πŸ“

1️⃣ You may have consumed more calories this weekend.Β  If you were consuming more food and alcohol than usual this could be up to 4000 calories.Β  Use the entire week to tackle this and spread it across each day. Rather than attempt to do it all in one gym session.πŸ˜₯βœ…

2️⃣ This does NOT mean you have to spend hours in the gym.Β  Spend your week on activities you enjoy such as walking, cycling or utilise your daily commute.πŸ˜‰βœ…

3️⃣ Instead of massively dropping calories over the next few days. Take your time and plan your food and ensure you are consuming plenty of protein, fruit and veg.πŸŒ½βœ…

4️⃣ Reducing calories will help you reduce body fat however spread this out across the week rather than a few days.Β  Dramatically reducing calories can make you feel drained and demotivated especially if you are increasing your activity.πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈβœ…

Hope this post has been helpful.

Have an awesome week everyone.πŸ˜ƒ