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Want to lose body fat?

Want to lose body fat?
17th July 2018 James Burroughs


The one thing that everyone hates. The first thing we all notice, when we start to put on unwanted body fat.😫

As we all know those few drinks on a Friday, that weekend meal out and the Sunday spend with the family all leads to us eating a bit more than usual.🥂🍻🍔

The truth of the matter is, if you consume more calories than you are burning it will lead to increased body fat.  Hard to hear but unfortunately there is not one fad diet, pill or costly meal replacement shake that is going to help you shift your body fat quickly.😱

Many people have used an extreme diet at some point in their life and you would have noticed that those stubborn fat areas never seem to disappear.  The reason for this is you’re not actually losing body fat all over, you’re losing more vital muscle tissue.😤

So I have created a quick tip list to get you started shifting that body fat:

➡️Follow a fat loss plan rather than a weight loss plan.🏋🏻‍♂️

➡️Ensure you asses your starting point and regularly reassess to calculate progress.📈

➡️Set realistic a realistic goal and time frame.⌚️

➡️Remain consistent.👍🏻

Another top tip is having someone looking over you. Whether it’s a coach, friend or partner it doesn’t matter. A fat loss journey can be tough so always good to have some support and someone giving you encouragement.

Any questions feel free to drop me an email.😉📲


James Burroughs