What is in Ryan’s basket…

What is in Ryan’s basket…
25th April 2018 James Burroughs

Check out Ryan Taylors latest food shop and why these are in his basket:

1: Almond milk🥛

About 6-8 weeks ago I made the decision to stop drinking cows milk, I hadn’t really had any problems with it but I read a few studies about the negative effects of it so thought I would change and see. Iv tried a few different milks, Almond, Soya and oat, all are pretty good and I don’t mind the taste at all.

Now the big difference I have seen is in my skin! I have suffered with acne on my shoulders, chest and back since I was around 15, after making the switch away from cows milk, my skin has cleared up dramatically.


So to anyone out there struggling with acne, have a look at your dairy consumption, make a change and you may see a huge difference.

2: Lentil Cakes

These are a first time buy, I spotted them next to the rice cakes. Per Lentil Cake has 1.6g of protein, nearly a whole gram more than normal rice cakes, not a huge amount unless you eat a whole pack but every little helps. They are fairly tasteless plain so I have been adding some peanut butter on top, a perfect on the go snack.😉

3: Frozen chopped mushrooms 🍄

I tend to bang on quite a lot about making things simple and easy when it comes to cooking, and this is a perfect example of that. Is it fairly easy to cut up some fresh mushrooms? Of course it is, but it’s even easier to throw them straight into a dish from a bag, and also negates any potential waste.✅

If you have any questions surrounding nutrition or anything about my move away from cows milk and the big impact it’s had on my skin then drop me a DM and I will happily answer.

Have a great week everyone.

Ryan ✌🏻

Ryan Taylor – Strength Coach