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Why choose Body Clinic?

Whatever you are looking to achieve no matter the goal or starting point we can help you achieve your goals.

Whether it is personal training for fat loss, strength training, reaching the highest level in professional sports performance or a full body-transformation. Our team of trainers will take you on a life changing journey to achieving optimal health, results and maximising your potential.

Body Clinic operates a personal training, class and membership gym in Hartley, Kent. In addition to offering online personal training to those further away and living abroad.

Body Clinic is a truly unique experience and we are committed to help every single one of our clients achieve their goals.  Whether it’s being in the best shape of their life or competing at world level.  We will do all we can to help you achieve your goal.

Our team of trainers are highly educated with a wealth of experience in fat loss, health, digestion, strength & conditioning and athlete development.  All of our coaches are constantly furthering their education and working for new ways to remain at the top of their field.

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About Body Clinic


At Body Clinic we specialise in high level personal training.  We have a team of the highest qualified trainers in the area that specialise in conditioning and physique development.


Fitness classes can inject variety and added spark into your regular regime, are a great way to socialise as you work out, and teach you new techniques to absorb into your usual exercise routine.


We also offer sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy to our clients with our inhouse expert. Avoiding and rectifying injuries is an important part of training and one that we take very seriously.

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Our team have a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experience across various disciplines and expertise.

James Burroughs

As an ex-elite motorcycle trials and motorcycle enduro competitor, James understands the focus required and sacrifices necessary to achieve competitive goals.

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Ellie Jewiss

Ellie is our in house Sports Therapist. Ellie specialises in assessing an injury, giving the necessary treatment and rehabilitation programme.

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How Nutritious Is Your Nutrition?

Nutrition is a massive part of what we do at Body Clinic and is essential in any weight loss programme.

I personally am a massive fan of all food and certainly enjoy eating a variety of all sorts of foods. However there is a great deal of information out there and it often causes people to get confused and not sure what direction to go. Such as eat little and train more, no carbs, no fats, protein only.  The list goes on…

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