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Become a member of Body Clinic and get exclusive access to Body Clinic and all its facilities.

We differ from many mainstream gyms as we offer private membership so our numbers are capped to ensure the gym isn’t overcrowded and everyone is getting the most out of our facility.

We also have a consultation with each of our members before they join and discuss their goals and what they are looking to achieve. We then create a custom conditioning programme to help you get started in the most effective way.

What better way to start a gym membership than to have a custom conditioning programme tailored towards you achieving your goals, that is why our members achieve such good results.

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Training App

As well as knowledgeable trainers, we offer a training app that will support your fitness journey.

Our app is available to all members and helps you track vital measurements, arrange sessions, gain information and insights and much more.

Ask a member of the Body Clinic team for more information on the Body Clinic App.