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30th July 2018 James Burroughs

We all have busy schedules and not enough hours in the day. However there are certain points in everyones day which cause us to stray off track in terms of our health and preventing fat loss.

When I start working with any new client this first call of action is a client questionnaire which goes into details of their goals what they are looking to achieve and a food diary. This is a key element which gives me all info I need to identify their current lifestyle.

All of the above can be improved:

1儭 Sleep – Ensure you are getting plenty of rest. Get to bed an hour earlier each day to give you more time to recover.

2儭 Sedentary at work – Increase your daily step count each day. Whether that is walking a bit more to and from work or getting out in your lunch hour. Use the health app on your phone to track your steps.歹

3儭 Eating quick easy food – We all have those days where you are rushing around and forget breakfast or lunch or both. So you just grab whatever you can that is quick and easy. Take the time to organise your food so you know what you are eating.賤

4儭 Manage Stress – Unfortunately we all have to deal with stress everyday. Stress can also lead to reward based eating, insulin resistance and increased inflammation. All of which negatively effects your sleep. This can be controlled by slightly increasing your physically activity.仁

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James Burroughs

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