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Living for the weekend!

Living for the weekend!
18th February 2019 James Burroughs

This has been a recent topic in the Body Clinic Fitness Academy.Β  The weekends are the biggest challenge for a lot of my clients whether 1-2-1 conditioning or online.Β  All have the similar pain point of doing exceptionally well throughout the week and at the weekends things tend to go downhill fast.πŸ˜•

The biggest challenge at the weekend is staying on track and in a calorie deficit.  However with meals out, socialising with friends or a nice roast dinner on Sundays it is tough to keep calories to a minimum.🀯

Do you struggle with overeating at the weekend?πŸ€”

A big struggle people have is not knowing how many calories are in certain food and drinks.Β  Let’s say you go out for drinks on a Friday night and have 4 🍻 at around 200 – 210 calories per pint.Β  The same as one slice of pizza, you’ve basically had half a dominos pizza before you head home for some dinner or have a takeaway.πŸΊπŸ•πŸ€―πŸ˜”

This is how calories can really start to run away with you and can negatively affect your weight loss progress.Β  For example, let’s say someone wanted to maintain their weight on 2300 calories sets a moderate 500 calorie deficit each day to drop weight.Β  They could perfect all week but then completely offset their hard work with just one and a half days of slurging.

The best plan of action is to of course enjoy your weekend and enjoy your days off with friends and family eating good food.Β  Just ensure you are not consuming unnecessary calories and increase your activity as much as possibly to make up for the increased calories, or even drop your calories down a little more on Friday and Monday to make up for the increase of the weekend.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œβœ…

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