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Body Fat….

Body Fat….
29th January 2019 James Burroughs

Belly Fat…😤🤬🥵

The one thing that everyone hates.  The first place weight goes on and the last place weight comes off.  I have had this subject mentioned to me a few times this week.  Simply from people settling back after their summer holidays.  Those few more drinks or that extra piece of bread before your meal.  I know the drill. 😬

The truth of the matter is, your belly fat is the place that takes the longest to come down.  Hard to hear but unfortunately there is not one fad diet, pill or costly meal replacement shake that is going to help you shift your belly fat quickly.😱

Many people have used an extreme diet at some point in their life and you would have noticed that belly fat still never seems to disappear.  The reason for this is you’re not actually losing body fat all over, you’re losing more vital muscle tissue. 😤

The first thing people usually say is they want to be able to see their abs.  To be able to see your abs you need the body fat reading at the belly button to be around 5-8mm.  The average body fat reading at the belly button for someone starting at Body Clinic is between 18-28mm.

So taking this into account and the previous results we have achieved with numerous different clients.  On average people initially loss 1mm of body fat per week at the belly button.  This is working 1-2-1 with one of our trainers at least once a week.💪🏻

So I have created a quick tip list to get you started shifting that belly fat:

➡️Follow a fat loss plan rather than a weight loss plan.✅

➡️Ensure you asses your starting point and regularly reassess to calculate progress.✅

➡️Set realistic a realistic goal and time frame to lose your belly fat.✅

➡️Remain consistent.✅

I hope you have found this useful.  If you have any questions or would like the full copy of the article please DM me or drop me an email.

Have a lovely week.👍🏻👌