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Consistency Is Key…

Consistency Is Key…
12th March 2018 James Burroughs

Consistency is something I focus on a great deal with every person I work with.  Whether it is one of my athletes during pre-season conditioning or one of my clients working on a body transformation, I always reinforce consistency. If you are looking to improve your results and achieve them sooner rather than later then being consistent is essential.

Following a structure and remaining consistent is very important in any training program.  Whether you are looking to change your physique or get ready for a competitive season, consistency needs to be applied. The principle is the same for any professional athlete, they are constantly working on their performance and developing their skill whether it’s a pro golfer, f1 driver or our very own Lizzie Yarnold going for gold. Their level of commitment of repetition is incredible and just leads to outstanding results.  The same principle applies to you working towards your goals in the gym.

I often have people asking me to design them a personal nutrition program and that they have all the training covered as they are following their own plan. In some cases, this is fine, however usually these people are often inexperienced in the gym and they have a big variation in training style. This is often based on how they feel that day or how busy the gym is.

People tend to go to the gym to obtain motivation, to train with a friend or to train on their own and decide what to work on when they walk onto the gym floor. This results in training being unstructured and inconsistent.  However, if you are walking into the gym with a plan and structure it massively improves results and development. It also makes your time in the gym a lot more productive and puts a stop to walking around the gym trying to decide what to do.  In most cases people end up just using the equipment that is free rather than working on a specific muscle group and program.

When someone hires a coach for results, they expect to see changes in their physique week by week.  Which as some of you know seeing results after one week of exercise isn’t going to be massively apparent. That is why every detail is structured, every training session is planned to the finest detail. Even if a client is training with me just once a week their other 2/3 sessions are planned, structured and easy accessible on the Body Clinic training app.

In some cases, some people just want to train and maintain, have a more relaxed approach and lose a few pounds using different styles of workout.  This is of course is fine and for a lot of people that is what they want. However, if you are honestly interested in results, then you need to be remaining consistent and working from a plan.  That is remaining consistent with training and nutrition. Any successful transformation I have achieved with any of my clients has resulted in their training program and nutrition being structured and consistent.  Train specifically for what you are wanting to achieve, and the results will speak for themselves.

I hope you have found this article useful, if you have any questions regarding this topic feel free to drop me an email.

Have a great week.



James Burroughs

Athlete & Physique Coach

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